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Undergraduate Students

Massachusetts requires that all full-time and part-time students are covered by a health insurance plan. The Smith health insurance plan is provided by Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk. Each active Smith student is automatically enrolled in the annual student health insurance plan and charged half the cost each semester. This fee may be waived if your or your family's insurance is comparable to the Smith health insurance plan.

Plan Highlights (PDF)

Enrollment/Waiver Deadlines

All students are required to complete an online decision form, whether enrolling in or waiving the plan. Fill out the online form at Gallagher's website.

Annual Health Insurance

The deadline for submission of the online decision form is September 10. The online form will not be available until July 1.

Spring Entrance (Only)

The deadline for submission of the online decision form is January 31. The online form will not be available until December 15.

Summer Entrance (Graduate students; excluding SSW)

The deadline for submission of the online decision form is June 30. The online form will not be available until June 15.

Coverage Periods

The standard period of annual coverage is August 15 through August 14.

If you graduate in January, coverage ends January 14, and you are not charged for the spring semester portion of the health insurance.

The period of coverage for spring-only students is January 15 through August 14.

Health Insurance Cards

Health insurance cards will not be mailed to campus mailboxes. You can download and print your card from www.gallagherstudent.com/smith.

Optional On-Campus Health Care Plan

An optional on-campus health care plan is available to supplement existing private coverage. The optional plan is included with the student health insurance plan. More information about the optional plan is available on the Health Services website.

Student Withdrawal and Leave

If a student has not waived the health insurance and withdraws from the college during the first 31 days of the period for which coverage is purchased, she will not be covered under the plan and a full refund of the premium will be made.

Insured students withdrawing after 31 days will remain covered under the plan for the full period for which the premium has been paid and no refund will be made available. They will not be offered the opportunity to enroll in the plan for semesters in which they are not enrolled in the college (i.e. students who withdraw during the fall semester 31 days or more after the date of enrollment, will remain enrolled in the health insurance plan for the fall semester but will not be enrolled in the health insurance plan for the spring semester. Coverage would be terminated January 14).

If a student medically withdraws, she can choose to continue her health insurance enrollment with written notice. Students on an approved Medical Leave of Absence, who have been previously insured under this Plan for at least one year prior to the Medical Leave, are eligible to enroll in this insurance Plan for a maximum of two semesters.

Any student on personal leave, leave to study in the U.S., 12-College Exchange, or the Princeton Exchange will not be enrolled and/or will be automatically withdrawn from the health insurance plan for the semester or semesters she is on leave from Smith College.

Health Grant

Students with extremely high need who do not have outside health insurance coverage, may be eligible for a health grant to cover the cost of health insurance through Smith College. If you need assistance with the health insurance charge and feel you may qualify, please contact us at sfs@smith.edu. No increase in grant aid may be authorized for students who choose not to borrow the loans suggested in their award letter.