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For financial aid application forms and deadlines, please click on the appropriate link ("Prospective Students" or "Current Students") which appears below "Apply for Financial Aid" in the list of links on the left side of this page.


Undergraduate Students

Every family is unique, and we are here to help you through the application process in any way we can. Our preferred method of correspondence is email. Please send questions to sfs@smith.edu, and be sure to include the applicant's full name and Smith ID (or date of birth) with your correspondence.

Smith College recognizes the diversity of the modern family, and requires the submission of information regarding both biological parents, as well as spouses and domestic partners of each parent. Exceptions to this policy are made on a case-by-case basis.

All of our directors are available by appointment to discuss more in-depth issues. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

All students use our campus wide system BannerWeb to access account and application information. Please be sure to check on the status of your financial aid application prior to the due dates. All applicants to the College are provided with access to BannerWeb. Your Smith ID number and a six digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) are required for login. If you do not know your BannerWeb PIN or ID, or if you have any questions about access or the BannerWeb system in general, please contact the ITS User Support Center, at (413) 585-4487.

While you must complete the CSS Profile and Smith Application to be considered for institutional aid, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the only form required to apply for federal aid. It is free to complete the FAFSA and apply for federal aid. The FAFSA determines your eligibility for federal aid only. If your application is selected for verification by the Federal Government, additional requirements may apply. You may apply for federal financial aid at any point during the academic year. Most students at Smith who are eligible for need-based aid will also require Smith institutional aid in order to cover the cost of a Smith education. If you are hoping to receive grant aid in order to attend Smith, please complete all institutional requirements by the deadlines, as listed on our Apply for Financial Aid pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of financial aid are available for Smith College students?

Smith College offers both need-based and merit-based aid. See Types of Financial Aid for more information.

Need-based Aid: Need-based aid packages may include grants, loans and work-study/campus employment. Loan and work, which are considered "self-help," are usually the first components of an aid package, and remaining need is met with grant aid. We process federal, state and institutional aid. Students are expected to apply for a state grant if their legal state of residence is Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut or Pennsylvania.

Merit-based Aid: Smith offers a limited number of awards based on merit rather than need. All applicants for admission are automatically considered; there are no special application forms. Students are selected by the Office of Admission and must maintain satisfactory academic progress in order to have their scholarships renewed annually. Merit aid is only offered at the time of admission. For more information about the types of merit aid offered by Smith, visit Merit Aid.

How is need-based financial aid determined?

Our need-based aid program entails a consistent and personalized assessment of each applicant's ability to pay for college expenses. Smith meets the full documented need, as determined by college policy, of all admitted students who apply for aid by the published deadlines. For more information, please visit Determining Need.

My FAFSA information was selected for verification. What does that mean?

The Department of Education selects approximately 30 percent of student applications for an additional review, or "verification." Reasons for selection vary; it may be that your FAFSA was incomplete or contains estimated or inconsistent information. Your application's selection may also have been done randomly. Students whose files are selected for verification are able to see this designation on their Student Aid Report on FAFSA online, at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

If your application is selected for verification it will require you and your custodial parent(s) to submit additional documents to Smith. You will see any additional verification-related documents listed as requirements in BannerWeb.

Tax filers will often be required to complete a process by which you and your parents are able to upload IRS tax information directly into your FAFSA, a process called IRS Data Retrieval, or submit a tax return transcript to Smith. If you have difficulty with the IRS data retrieval process you may want to view this helpful video (courtesy of UCSB).

Will the financial aid package I was offered remain the same each year?

Need-based aid eligibility is re-evaluated each year for domestic students. Merit-based aid, determined at the time of admission, may carry forward for future years. Please see Merit Aid for information on merit awards offered at Smith. Domestic students must apply annually for financial aid for the following year. If there are no major changes to income or assets from one year to the next, the calculated family contribution each year should remain relatively stable. Changes in income, family circumstances, or changes in sibling enrollment may affect the amount of aid you receive each year. In addition, the ratio between the self-help and grant portions of your award will change as you rise in class level, an we will expect you to contribute slightly more from your summer earnings after your first year.

A non-U.S. citizen will have her Expected Family Contribution remain the same each year she attends Smith. The self-help portion of the award (loan and on-campus work) will increase each year to partially offset increase in our billed costs. The Smith Grant will also be adjusted so that the total family contribution remains stable. Cost increases not covered by aid increases are the responsibility of the student and her family.

If I do not qualify for need-based aid, what are my options?

There are numerous financing options available to Smith students, including a monthly payment plan, a prepaid plan, and the Federal Parent PLUS Loan. Additionally, all students may take advantage of the Federal Student Loan Program; regardless of their financial need level. To apply for Federal student loans, applicants must submit a FAFSA, signed parent taxes and signed student taxes. Please visit Financing Options for additional options.

Graduate Students

Graduate students apply for finanical aid during the graduate admission process.