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Financial Aid Policy

General Terms and Conditions

Your eligibility for financial aid may have been determined using estimated or incomplete information. Additionally, federal regulations may require that we verify information that you have provided (or will provide) to complete your aid application. If so, this award is tentative and may be revised. We will notify you of any additional documentation you need to submit. No loans can be processed or aid disbursed until these items are received. Please see BannerWeb for any current outstanding requirements.

Official awards based on a complete application are sent in the summer (or when all requirements are received thereafter). Exceptions: A mid-year transfer student will receive instructions about an official award after the enrollment deposit is received; an international student award is official as it is always based on a completed application. Another award letter will not be sent.

Allowance For Others in College

The fees of undergraduate institutions attended by siblings of traditional students or children of Ada Comstock Scholars are considered in our aid calculations. The enrollment status of each person is verified in the fall. A change in institution or enrollment status may affect your grant aid. For future planning, contact us for the allowance amount used this year.

Student Employment Award

A student employment award provides an opportunity for priority consideration for a student job. Information will be available when you arrive on campus. It is your responsibility to find a job. First-year students typically work in Residence Life, Dining Services or in an off-campus tutoring program.

The award amount is the maximum you may earn. Your other aid will not be increased if you choose not to work.

Your earnings are paid directly to you. If you want your earnings paid to your Smith account to reduce your bill, please submit a Payroll Deduction Authorization to our office.

Declining Aid

We assume all awards are accepted as offered unless we receive notification otherwise.

If you wish to decline or reduce any offered aid, promptly notify us in writing or via email at loanhelp@smith.edu.

You may also make the appropriate notations on this award letter; initial your changes, then sign, date and return the letter to this office, retaining a copy for your files.

Endowment Scholarships

If you are identified as the recipient of a scholarship fund established by a specific donor, you may receive an additional request to write a letter of appreciation to the scholarship fund contacts. If you have any questions, contact Donor Relations at 413-585-2675 or scholarshipmailing@smith.edu.

Expected Contribution

For information on how this is calculated, please see Determining Need.

Loan Information & Requirements

See Student Loans

Outside Aid

Aid from an organization outside of Smith College is considered in our aid calculations. This includes a parent's or spouse's tuition benefit. You must report such aid on the Outside Award Response Form. If this aid is not received by Smith you are responsible for the amount due. For treatment of each type of outside aid, see Outside Aid.

Pell Grants

These replace Smith grant dollar for dollar and, if you are eligible, are generally awarded after you enroll.

Reapplying for Financial Aid

For U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens: You must reapply for financial aid each year. Your need for assistance will be recalculated each year. Changes in your or (as applicable) your parents' or spouse's income or other circumstances will change the amount of aid you receive.

For all others: Smith's policy regarding financial aid determination in future years is specified on the front of your award letter.

Self-Help (Loan & Work) Aid

Loans and a job are the first components of most aid packages. Remaining need, as determined by the college, is met with grant aid. The ratio between the self-help and grant portions of your award will change as you rise in class level. Current information on specific amounts can be found on our Student Loans page and the Student Employment Work-Study page.

Entering transfer students will have their loan amount confirmed or revised after all transfer credits have been evaluated.

State Grants

State grants replace Smith grant dollar for dollar and, if you are eligible, are generally awarded after you enroll. You must fulfill the requirements of your state for their grant. If state requirements are not met, Smith grant will not replace the "lost" state grant.

Total Cost of Attendance

This represents the "Total Costs To Be Billed To Student Account" plus "Other Costs Not Billed."

Total Financial Aid

This represents the "Total Financial Aid To Be Paid To Student Account" plus any "Additional Financial Aid" plus any loan origination fee.

Other Costs Not Billed

These are costs that most students incur during the year. They can include:

Students may utilize their work-study to offset these costs. Actual costs incurred will vary and are the responsibility of each student.


Bill Dates

Estimated Amount Due

This will change accordingly if:

Estimated Refund Amount*

This will change accordingly if:

*Generally only Ada Comstock Scholars have estimated refunds.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in Massachusetts. Each year, you will be billed for Smith Health Insurance and then must go online to accept or waive the coverage. You will be sent information about the plan and the online process every summer, including the opening date and completion deadline. Missing the deadline will result in Smith Health Insurance enrollment and full-year coverage. Please adjust your estimated bill amount in your planning if you intend to waive the full insurance or accept only the optional insurance. See Health Insurance for details.

Refund Policy

A refund is possible when an actual (not estimated) credit balance exists on your account. Requirements specific to each aid type must be met before it can be disbursed. Refunds for traditional students will be held on accounts unless a Refund Request Form is submitted to our office. In general, for all other students, refunds over $100 are issued automatically on a weekly basis beginning at the start of classes.

Room Deposits/General Deposits

If you paid a room deposit, it is posted in two separate installments of $100 at the start of each semester. Please reduce the total annual amount owed by $200. If you paid a general deposit at the time of enrollment, this will be credited to your account six months after you graduate.