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Determining Need

Each financial aid application file is given a personal review by experienced staff in the Office of Student Financial Services. In addition to submitting the required Documentation, you are welcome to include any information you feel will help us understand your family's financial status. Remember to complete your admission application, since only accepted students can receive a financial aid decision.

Three steps are used in documenting your level of financial need:

  1. Calculating the family contribution

    The Office of Student Financial Services evaluates each student's application using federal and institutional methodologies to assess her family's financial resources. During the review, attention is given to individual family circumstances. Standard factors involved in the review include income, assets, family size, the number of family members in college, unreimbursed medical expenses, taxes paid and tuition for siblings in elementary or secondary school. Staff will determine what each family is expected to contribute toward the student's annual educational expenses following the appropriate federal and college policies.

  2. Determining the cost of attendance

    An educational expense budget is calculated for each student. Tuition, fees, room and board, and standard allowances for books, supplies, personal expenses and travel are included.

  3. Financial need

    The difference between the cost of attendance and the calculated family contribution is the student's documented financial need.