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What Can I Do With a Major in Statistics?

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The Minor in Statistical & Data Sciences

The minor in Statistical & Data Sciences consists of six courses, according to the following requirements:

Should these three requirements be fulfilled with fewer than six courses, any of the courses in SDS or CSC that count towards the major may be counted towards the minor.

The Minor in Applied Statistics

The interdepartmental minor in applied statistics offers students a chance to study statistics in the context of a field of application of interest to the student. The minor is designed with enough flexibility to allow a student to choose among many possible fields of application.

The minor consists of five courses. Among the courses used to satisfy the student's major requirement, a maximum of 2 courses can count towards the minor. Ordinarily, no more than one course graded S/U will be counted towards the minor.

Students who have taken AP Statistics in high school and received a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics Examination will not be required to repeat the introductory statistics course, but they will be expected to complete 5 courses to satisfy the requirements for the minor in applied statistics.

The student must take one of the following courses and no more than one of these courses will count toward the minor. (Students presenting a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics Examination will receive exemption from this requirement.)

The student must also take both of the following courses:

The student must choose two (or more) application courses. Courses not on the following list must be approved by the student's SDS adviser if they are to count toward the minor.

Students planning to minor in applied statistics should consult with their advisers when selecting applications courses. Some honors theses and special studies courses may apply if these courses focus on statistical applications in a field.

Also see the concentration in statistics within the mathematics major and the minor in mathematical statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

The Minor in Mathematical Statistics

The student can also choose to have a Statistics concentration within the Mathematics major. The Mathematical Statistics Minor consists of MTH 211: Linear Algebra plus 16 other credits from the following: