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What Can I Do With a Major in Statistics?
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It is possible for a Smith student to obtain a Master of Science in statistics from UMass in five years (four years at Smith plus one at UMass), through the Fifth Year MS in Statistics Program. Interested students should consult with the Director of the Program.

Students interested in pursuing graduate work in statistics or data science should consult with the Director of the Program to plan an appropriate course of study. In either case, a solid foundation in mathematics (calculus I, II, and III, as well as linear algebra) is essential.

Graduate Programs in Statistics

The ASA maintains several lists of graduate programs in Statistics may help you find options that suit your needs.

Graduate Programs in Data Science

As a newer discipline, programs in data science are still in their infancy. The ASA maintains a list of graduate programs in "Big Data", although this should not be conflated with data science. A more comprehensive list of data science degree programs is maintained by datascience.community.