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What Can I Do With a Major in Statistics?

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Choosing a first statistics course

A student who wishes to study statistics may place herself according to the following guidelines.

A student with prior work in calculus or discrete math at college should start with Introduction to Probability & Statistics (MTH/SDS 220 or SDS 201, 5 credits). This is the recommended statistics course for Biological Sciences majors, and satisfies the basis requirement for Engineering, Environmental Science, Neuroscience, and Psychology. This is also the recommended course for a student who took AP Statistics but didn't take the exam, or received a grade of 3 or below. ECO 220 is also a course at this general level.

A student with four years of high school math (but little or no calculus) should select SDS 201 or PSY 201 (Statistical Methods for Undergraduates). SDS 201 also satisfies the basis requirement for Psychology. Other introductory courses at this level include GOV 190 and SOC 201.

A student with less preparation should select SDS 107 (Statistical Thinking).

A student who received a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics exam should take MTH/SDS 290 (Research Design and Analysis) or MTH/SDS 291 (Regression Analysis).

Taking Statistics Away (EGR majors)

Please see the guidelines for Picker Engineering majors.

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