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Four in ten Smith students major in science—a rate at least double the national average for women.

At the heart of Smith's learning is active engagement, coupling innovative teaching with real opportunities for in-depth research. You can journey inside the human mind, along the edges of volcanic craters and out among the stars and galaxies.

From introductory classes to advanced seminars, Smith's world-class professors, 50 percent of whom are women, engage students in research that is changing the way the world benefits from science.

Science in a Liberal Arts Setting

As a liberal arts college, Smith educates science majors to understand the impact of science on the whole of life, looking at moral, ethical and political considerations. And just think of the intriguing global perspectives that come from a student body hailing from 60 countries.

Meaningful Research

Smith science faculty are productive researchers. Departments are proud of their research output and facilities. The Clark Science Center offers five centers dedicated to research. Smith undergraduates have the opportunity, resources and guidance needed to engage in serious scientific inquiry as early as their first year—projects that are often only in the realm of graduate school. About half of Smith's science majors conduct research with Smith professors, not just observing teachers at work, but becoming partners in discovery.

Collaboration Across Disciplines

The Clark Science Center supports faculty and students across 18 departments and programs, providing access to top-level instrumentation, resources, applications, workshops, teaching and research. Smith is also a member of the Five Colleges, giving students access to a wide range of classes, faculty and facilities.

Graduate School Preparation

Graduate schools are particularly impressed with Smith applicants, whose research has often led to an honors thesis, publication or a presentation at a scholarly meeting. Many Smith science majors have the opportunity to accomplish more than one of these before they graduate. Students have gone on to leading graduate programs at Dartmouth, MIT, John Hopkins, Cornell, Harvard, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon and more.

Rewarding Careers

A science major at Smith opens doors to a variety of careers. Smith graduates become researchers, doctors, biologists, professors, environmental lawyers, software engineers and more.