The Campus School’s physical education program provides students with the knowledge and practice of skills to enjoy and maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The program enables students to participate in a wide range of activities including: fitness, movement education, rhythm and dance, cooperative and competitive games, circus arts, gymnastics, recreational activities, as well as individual and team sports.

Students begin by developing body awareness and movement skills. As they gain competence, students apply these skills in more structured games and sports activities. The physical education program utilizes a wide range of equipment that enhances physical development and maximizes student engagement and participation.

Through participation in the physical education program, students learn to develop essential social skills including communication, tolerance, responsibility, respect for self and others, empathy, and sportsmanship. The program is designed to create a positive and safe learning environment where each child will find success and will be inspired to move and be active for a lifetime.

Spinning Plates

Examples of the physical education program in practice

Circus Arts

Circus Arts is a fun and exciting unit in our physical education curriculum that enables students to develop a wide variety of manipulative skills including juggling, plate spinning, diablos and devil sticks. We begin the process of introducing these skills through guided discovery by encouraging students to explore each piece of equipment through creative movement and imagination. Our younger students especially delight in this process as they wave scarves through the air while skipping around the gym or toss and catch scarves with different parts of their body. As students progress, we begin to teach them how to perform specific skills and tricks by breaking down each skill into individual components. This method of presenting complex patterns and skills allows students to find success at each level of learning, which in turn helps to build self-esteem and confidence. The physical skills students are mastering, such as patterning and crossing the midline, also support cognitive development. Students in the upper grades are engaged in the challenges of learning more advanced skills and tricks since they have experienced both the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards gained through persistence and perseverance. Overall, circus arts enhance students’ experience in physical education by providing them with limitless opportunities to be creative and successful no matter their age or ability level.


Basketball skills

The Campus School physical education program is designed to provide individualized daily instruction. The practice of fundamental, sports related and or rhythmical skills is an important focus of the program. In third grade, students are particularly ready to develop such skills. One such skill is shooting baskets. Third graders have the fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, depth perception, and strength that allow for a kind of focused skill development. Lowering the baskets to appropriate age and skill heights and providing equipment for each child allows the students to find success at their own pace and ability levels. For the students, there is always a sense of discovery and elation in learning how to make baskets. Being successful motivates them to further develop competency in this skill, leading to an enhanced sense of confidence and accomplishment. This in turn fosters enthusiasm in the students for participating in physical education as well as engaging in physical activities outside of the classroom


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