The primary purpose of the library at the Campus School is to support the value and development of literacy school-wide and to encourage a love of reading across the school community. First and foremost, the library supports the recreational reading and information needs of the students at the school. In addition, the library supports the teachers and the curriculum for all grade levels. Finally, it provides a collection that is accessible to and supports the work of education majors at Smith College.

Grades one through six visit the library on a weekly basis. During these visits instruction in the use of the library and research skills is provided. As they move through the grades, students become increasingly knowledgeable and independent users of the library through these visits. The collection of the Campus School exceeds 12,000 volumes and includes books, magazines, and tapes, as well as videos, pictures and maps for teaching purposes.

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The library in action

In conjunction with the third grade teachers and students, the librarian has been developing a model for improving book searching strategies for third graders. Third grade is an opportune time to review past searching techniques used in first and second grade and to move toward greater independence in the use of the library.

During the first semester third graders are encouraged to use a range of strategies to locate books. Examples of strategies used by students include:

Taking time before the library visit to think about what kind of books they have enjoyed previously and where or how they found those books

Checking in with friends for recommendations

Using the library “genre” stickers to identify types of books they might like

Finding other books by authors they have liked in the past

With the goal of finding and reading “just right books,” teachers and librarian alike emphasize that the library is a perfect place to “stretch” your reading boundaries and try something new or different. Expanding search strategies helps to increase students' success and satisfaction with their library browsing. A sense of discovery and excitement is evident as our third grade students develop the skills to explore the library collection competently and independently.

Campus School Library database now online!

The Campus School has recently changed to a new database program for the library. This is a web-based program and families can now access the library collection from home.  This access allows students and families to search the holdings of our collection.  Doing so will allow users to see what we own and if the holding is currently checked in and therefore available.

This is the web address:


Reminder to all Campus School Families:
World Book Online

The Campus School has a subscription to the World Book Online. Families can accessthe encyclopedia from home through a password controled system.
Here is the web address: www.worldbookonline.com
Login information:
User name: campusschool1
Password: sccssccs

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