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The Campus School program is designed to give students a foundation and act as a launching pad. The foundation is set in the early grades, where students learn the concepts, skills, and habits of mind that enable them to understand themselves and the world in which we live. Our curriculum is grounded in mathematics, science, social studies and language arts. This core curriculum is enhanced by art, music, physical education, technology, and Spanish, giving our students a well-rounded and challenging school experience. Our teachers work collaboratively with our two learning specialists, the consulting psychologist, teacher aides, administrators, and student teachers to ensure the curriculum is taught in a holistic and dynamic maner.

As students progress through the grades they master more complex content and concepts. We help students become critical and creative thinkers, understand multiple perspectives, and connect their learning to other subjects and the world outside of school. This makes learning meaningful and relevant.

Expectations for learning are set for each student, recognizing that each child is unique and that developmental norms can vary. We both challenge and support our students, finding the right balance for each child, which maximizes their growth and development as students and people.

What is a lab school?

Simply put, a lab school facilitates teaching excellence and best practices in teaching and learning.

Being a lab school adds tremendous value to the Campus School experience. First and foremost, our teachers attain the highest standards of professional excellence. Their work is infused by research conducted by the department of education, by dynamic curricular collaborations between professors and Campus School teachers, and by a constant focus on being a school of best practices.

The Campus School also serves a vital role in helping prepare Smith College students for careers in education. Students do student teachering and make formal observations of the teaching and learning taking place at the Campus School. This work is overseen by faculty in the department of education and carefully coordinated with the teachers of the Campus School, who play essential roles as mentors to student teachers. Having mature, inspired, and accomplished Smith College students in our classrooms adds tremendous value, both from the infusion of new energy and ideas generated by the students and by having more adult role models for Campus School students to emulate and look up to. Our student teachers then go on to serve the community, in both public and independent school settings.

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