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Call Campus Police at extension 800 or 413-585-2490 from a cell phone

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Dial 911 for local law enforcement and emergency services

This resource guide provides students with information on campus resources that are available to assist sexual assault survivors and information on preventing sexual violence.

Sexual assault is a serious crime that can impact a survivor's physical, mental, social, and academic well-being. The resources identified on these pages encompass a range of options, from academic accommodations to emotional support to judicial or legal proceedings.

Accessing any or all these resources is an individual choice. The offices and staff members listed in this guide are available to answer questions or assist you in accessing the resources you need. Do not hesitate to seek us out if you or a friend is struggling. If you believe you are a survivor or are unsure if a crime has occured, please seek help.

If you have questions or comments about the information contained in this guide please contact the dean of students office by phone at 413-585-4940 or by email.