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We encourage our students to report all sexual harassment and sexual misconduct directly to the support team below. All college employees who become aware of an incident of sexual misconduct will notify the appropriate college officials as identified below.

Support Team

The resources below will support you and provide you with information regarding options, including judicial procedures, interim remedies and ongoing emotional support. They can also assist in eliminating the misconduct, preventing its occurrence and addressing the effects.

Campus Police

413-585-2490 or extension 800
Available 24 hours a day


Assist with academic concerns, changes in housing and other accommodations and referrals.

Undergraduate students call 413-585-4940 or extension 4940 for the dean of students and student affairs; members of the staff are also available 24 hours a day through Campus Police.

Graduate students call 413-585-3017 or extension 3017 for the director of graduate students; School for Social Work students call 413-585-7966 or extension 7966 for the associate dean.

Title IX Coordinator and Equity Officer

Coordinates prompt and equitable responses to reports of sexual misconduct by eliminating the misconduct, preventing its occurrence and addressing the effects.

Contact Sarah Harebo at 413-585-2141 orĀ

Your Privacy

Smith will seek to maintain your privacy during the process consistent with the college's legal obligations and its commitment to providing an environment free from sexual and gender-identities discrimination.