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The College Judicial Board exists as a means of ensuring that students at Smith College uphold the standards for student ethics and conduct outlined in the Smith College Student Handbook. The Board hears cases of alleged infractions of non-academic rules (academic infractions are handled by the Academic Honor Board) and makes decisions about the outcomes of cases.

The Board is comprised of approximately 15 members and no less than (14) members, with an approximately equal number of juniors and seniors. The Judicial Board hears cases in teams of 5 members constituting a hearing board. Every hearing board is assisted by an advisor who is a member of the student affairs staff. The Judicial Board uses the code of student conduct and the policies of the college to evaluate the cases before it. The members of the board shall deliberate and reach a consensus on the decision of more likely or not to be responsible for each separate violation the student who is the subject of the complaint has been brought to the board for. Thus, the burden of proof is more likely than not to be responsible for committing a violation.

The code of student conduct expects that each student's behavior and actions will contribute to a community characterized by individual integrity, respect, and a concern for the implications and repurcussions of student behavior. Some behaviors are particularly problematic, and these are summarized in handbook under Prohibited Conduct. Students are encouraged to be familiar with the examples provided by this section, but to be aware that this list does not constitute an exhaustive or complete list of prohibited conduct.

summarized from the Smith College Student Handbook - Code of Social Conduct



Hearing Procedures


Prohibited Conduct


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