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House Fellows Program

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The House Fellows Program invites faculty or staff members to associate with a particular house so they can interact with and get to know student residents. The goals of this program are to enhance house life intellectually and socially and to broaden the understanding of how the college functions as a residential educational institution.

House fellows associate with a house in a variety of ways, including sharing meals (usually Thursday dinner). As they become more familiar with students in their house, fellows will develop their own ways to be involved.


House fellows and residents decide how much and in what ways fellows will contribute to house life. Some house fellows have the time and inclination to be involved with critical life issues in the house; others are comfortable with light social interactions. Whatever the involvement, it is important that house fellows and house residents stay in touch.

Each house's vice president or an appointed house fellow liaison stays in touch with the house fellows.

House Fellows Guide for Faculty & Staff (PDF)

More Information

To learn more about the House Fellows Program, contact Dean of Students Julie Ohotnicky at or (413) 585-4940.