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Registration of Social Events

All campus events sponsored by an organization and all house social events (parties, cocktails, mocktails, after hours, senior banquets, small private events and senior wine and cheese events) held in a campus house must be registered. All Organizations and Houses must register their event by completing the Event Form found on the Smith Social Network.

The general guidelines for parties and social events are as follows:

  1. Gatherings of 10 or more students in student rooms or apartments are considered parties and must be registered with the coordinator of house events in the Department of Residence Life. In a residence house, the event must be held in a public space of the house and is not to include the house corridors or student rooms.
  2. It is mandatory that area coordinators do a walk-through with each house leader and review the setup of parties in each house with the head resident/house coordinator, house president, house community adviser and house social event coordinators before each party. Such review includes assessing arrangements such as the location of the bar and setup of door watch, stair watch, etc. to see if any suggestions can be made to help make the party run smoothly and the house more secure. This review will also be offered to all sponsors of apartment events.
  3. Residence Life reserves the right to limit the number of parties on any night.
  4. All house and organizations' parties end by 1 a.m. At this time all entertainment must stop. On winter and spring weekends, after-hours parties may last until 2 a.m.; however the noise level for entertainment must be contained within the house and no alcohol may be served. All apartment parties must end by 11 p.m. on Sundays-Thursdays and by 1 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.
  5. No student organization or house may hold a social event after the last class of each semester. For example, if classes end at 5 p.m., no social events or parties may be held after that time.
  6. Failure to comply with social system guidelines, college policies, and /or state or federal law will result in a suspension in party registration privileges by the Department of Residence Life professional staff, and may also result in a referral to the College Conduct Board. Federal, state and local prosecution may also be possible.


  • All parties held by a house that involve alcohol, including “Senior Wine and Cheese events,” must be registered by Thursday, one week before the event. For “Senior Wine and Cheese”, a sponsor may register multiple specific dates within a semester on one form.
  • All small private events and apartment parties must be registered by three (3) class days before the event.
  • All house parties and events that are open to guests but do not involve alcohol must be registered with the coordinator of house events by the Tuesday before the event.
  • A social event that is planned for ONLY “in-house attendance” and does not involve alcohol can be held in a public space of a house by contacting the house staff for approval and does not need to be formally registered. The house staff will notify the area coordinator. The area coordinator will notify pertinent college personnel of the event.

Organizations and Houses reserve space for events by completing 25 Live space request as least 2 weeks prior to the event. This is also where any technical needs or additional equipment can be requested.

The general guidelines for events are as follows:

  • Organization events are held in a public location (Davis Ballroom, Campus Center) or in their own specified organizational space (Unity House, Mwangi Center). Organizations cannot plan events in the houses.
  • All events must end at 1 a.m., all entertainment must stop at this time.
  • Alcohol service at events must stop a half hour before the event ends.
  • No student organization may hold a social event after 5 p.m. on the last class of the semester.
  • Failure to comply with social system guidelines, college policies and/or state or federal law will result in the suspension of event registration privileges by the Office of Student Engagement and may also result in a referral to the College Conduct Board. Federal state and local prosecution may also be possible.
  • The reservations coordinator, in the Office of Student Engagement, has the responsibility of reserving space for the above activities. Room reservations for events are made with the reservations coordinator by filling out a 25 Live space request.

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