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Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is ongoing at Smith College. College policy states that all buildings will be heated to 68°F during the winter months and cooled to 74°F during the summer, if the building has centrally controlled cooling available. Hot water for showers and other uses is provided at 110°F and is under a controlled flow rate.

Although every effort is being made by facilities management personnel to ensure the efficient use of energy, the ultimate success of any energy-conservation program depends upon the individuals who consume energy. In order to minimize the impact of utility costs, it is essential that each person carefully considers the consequences of careless and wasteful use of lighting and individual appliances and that heating energy not be wasted by allowing overheated areas to go unreported or opening windows to temporarily alleviate the problem. The best way to ensure that conditions that waste energy are not allowed to persist is to report them promptly to Facilities Management at

The three largest energy users in a student room are a mini-refrigerator, the lights, and computers. The energy use can be reduced substantially by:

Taking these simple steps can reduce your dorm room's energy use by 65%! That will save over $100 and prevent 900 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions over the school year.

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