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II. Formal Complaint Procedures

When the College receives a formal complaint under this policy it will promptly investigate the allegation in a fair and expeditious manner. Every effort will be made to proceed while maintaining confidentiality to the extent practicable under the circumstances. If it is determined that this policy has been violated the college will act promptly to eliminate the offending conduct, and where appropriate will impose disciplinary action.

If a complainant believes the Equal Opportunity Policy has been violated and informal resolution is not appropriate, or has not been successful, s/he should report the incident promptly to his/her supervisor or department head, the executive director of human resources, the human resources manager of employee relations and recruitment, or the dean of the school for social work. In order to aid in the fairness of this process, formal complaints should be filed within 7 (seven) calendar days of the offending or questionable action or behavior.

This procedure does NOT cover allegations of sexual harassment. For sexual harassment complaints, please see the Sexual Harassment Policy in this handbook.

The following is an outline of the procedure generally followed once a complaint has been brought to the attention of the college:

Disciplinary Action
In the event the investigation results in a finding that this policy has been violated, further action will be taken, including disciplinary action such as but not limited to reprimand, change in work assignment, mandatory training or suspension and/or immediate termination.

All actions taken to investigate and resolve complaints through this procedure shall be conducted with as much privacy, discretion and confidentiality as possible, without compromising the thoroughness and fairness of the investigation. All persons involved should treat the situation with respect. To conduct a thorough investigation, the investigator(s) may discuss the complaint with witnesses and those persons involved in or affected by the complaint, and those persons necessary to assist in the investigation or to implement appropriate disciplinary actions.

No Retaliation for Filing a Complaint
Retaliation against an individual for making a complaint or for assisting in the investigation of such a complaint will not be tolerated. Any acts of retaliation will be subject to disciplinary action. If an individual involved in an investigation believes s/he has been retaliated against s/he should contact one of the on-campus resources listed.


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