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Statement of Student Ethics

Statement of Academic Freedom and Freedom of Expression

Policies Concerning Freedom of Expression and Dissent

Smith College Student Rights and Responsibilities

OIDE Statement on Community Standards

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Smith College Bias Incident Reporting Protocol

Smith College Disability Rights

Smith College Equal Education Opportunity Policy

Smith College Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Introduction

Smith College Gender-based and Sexual Misconduct Policy

Smith College Policies Regarding Alcohol

Smoking Policy

Medical Amnesty

Medical Marijuana Policy

Pranks & Hazing

Bullying & Cyber-Bullying

Disability Services Policy

Service and Support Animals Policy

Smith College Technology Policies

Parking Policies

Smith College Policy on Chalking

Posting of Information


Attendance at Meetings

Voter Registration

Sources of Discretionary Funds for Students

Firearms Policy

Withdrawal and Return to the College

Missing Student Policy

Bicycle Policy

Hoverboard Policy

Video/Audio Recordings in the Classroom

Student Complaint Requirements for Online Learning

Student Organization Guidebook

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Academic Life

Student Conduct & Social Responsibility

Social Events

Residential Life

Student Government Association

Student Services & Administrative Offices

Where to Find Information

Federal Disclosure Requirements


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