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Julie Ohotnicky, Dean of StudentsJulianne Ohotnicky

Dean of Students

office Clark 203 phone Phone: 585-4940

The dean of students oversees a comprehensive student development program that includes the Office of Student Engagement, first-year student programs, Counseling and Health Services, international students, multicultural affairs, residence life and wellness. Dean Ohotnicky promotes programs that help students develop a sense of belonging to a supportive educational community. The dean of students is the primary liaison between students and the college administration, and welcomes students' concerns and suggestions. The Office of the Dean of Students focuses on issues regarding student life and acts as a resource for information and guidance.

Open Hours: Available on Google Chat and by appointment (please contact Student Affairs at extension 4940 for appointments)

Becky Shaw, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence LifeBecky Shaw

Associate Dean of Students and
Director of Residence Life

office Clark 204 phone Phone: 585-4940

The director of residence life is responsible for all areas of residence life at Smith College. The director supervises the residential life staff, working closely with the area coordinators and head residents.

Open Hours: Friday 2:30-4:30pm, and by appointment

Marge Litchford, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of First Year ProgramsMarge Litchford

Assistant Dean of Students

office Clark 202 phone Phone: 585-4940

The assistant dean of students coordinates programs specific to first-year students. The assistant dean is available to meet with students during her open hours and daily by appointment.

Open Hours: Available on Google Chat and by appointment (please contact Student Affairs at extension 4940 for appointments)

Debby Ghezzi, Program CoordinatorDebby Ghezzi

Program Coordinator

office Clark 207 phone Phone: 585-4940

The program coordinator for the dean of students and for the offices in student affairs is responsible for the administrative functions for key student programs such as the College Judicial Board. She also manages the central office function; these duties involve supervision of administrative assistant staff, oversight of student affairs publications, management of assigned budgets, and maintenance of confidentiality regarding student and institutional records.

Jan Morris, Administrative AssistantJan Morris

Administrative Assistant

office Clark 102 phone Phone: 585-4933

As part of the administrative support pool for the student affairs office, the administrative assistant provides support for the wellness education director, as well as supplemental assistance to the offices of multicultural affairs and residence life and to other directors and administrative staff in the student affairs division.