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House Quotas

For the college to ensure each class year is represented, quotas for each class year are calculated for each house. These reflect the number of spaces available for each class year in each house. To assist you in making your house choices, these quotas will be available when you log onto BannerWeb to access your House Choice Form.

Determining Quotas

To determine the quotas, we:

  1. calculate each class year as a percentage of the campus total
  2. apply that percentage for each class year to each house's capacity and the result represents the number of spaces in each house for each class year
  3. subtract the number of students in each class year who selected to remain in the house. The total result represents the number of spaces available for each class year in each house for students to be considered through the lottery.

You will have the best chance of receiving an assignment in a house with a large number of openings for students in your class year. The combination of lottery number, available space and the number of students interested in a house will determine the likelihood of being assigned one of your house choices.