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Break Housing & Storage

Closing of the College

All students must vacate their rooms with the following exceptions:

It's very important that you adhere to the closing date and time as the Alumnae Association gets ready to house alumnae for reunions.

Moving Out

The college reserves the right to have the contents of any room packed and stored, at the students expense, if that room has not been vacated by the stated date and time. If you fail to vacate your room by this time, you could face a late housing fee and/or appropriate action.

All Five College course takers must have notified the Office of Residence Life in writing by as to their exam date(s). If you have a Five College exam you are expected to move out by noon the day after your last exam or by the date and time sent to you by the Office of Residence Life. This policy is in place so that the Alumnae Association may clean the room and offer it to a returning alumnae. If you are taking a UMass final and need housing you will be moved to a consolidated house as summer programs will need to prepare for their housing.

Room Inventory

When moving out, please empty all trash and recycling containers and leave your room in the condition you found it in September. Any students who leave their room in unacceptable condition will be subject to a cleaning fee of a minimum of $75. Trash should be bagged and put in hallway waste containers or in the dumpster outside. Do not leave your trash anywhere else. Plastic bags will be provided for trash removal. Items placed for storage in trunk rooms must be placed inside secured areas!

Please note: Do not pack your belongings in trash bags. Trash bags are provided to assist you in cleaning your room. All items left in and around the waste containers will be thrown out.

Building Services staff will check the condition of all student rooms. A room condition report form will be used to assess any missing furniture and obvious damage. You will be billed full cost if there is need for replacement or repair of damages caused by mistreatment or carelessness (such as from water or burns). Recycling containers must be left in rooms and NOT used for storage.

If your bed was officially removed by Building Services at the beginning of the year, your housekeeping supervisor will arrange to have it returned for Commencement week. Please refrain from returning beds to your room on your own to avoid damage to furniture and walls.

Billing for missing or damaged furniture and cleaning fees will be done over the summer and early fall. This includes unauthorized bed removal.


All keys (house, room and closet) must be turned in to the college when you vacate your house. White tag keys you may have in your possession, should be returned to your HR/HC. Keys should be returned to Clark Hall at the key kiosk that will be set up on the porch. No keys should be left in rooms, mailboxes or on doors. If you don't personally turn in your keys then you run the risk of being charged. There is also a key return box outside the front entrance of Clark Hall, along with a box of key envelopes and pens. Nonreturn fees for keys will be implemented in the early summer.

In the event that you leave campus without turning in your keys, you can mail them in a padded envelope to the Office of Residence Life (Clark Hall, Room 102, Smith College, Northampton, MA 01063), but the office must receive them by June 1. After that date, you will be billed for replacement keys. Please include your full name and the house and room your keys belonged to when mailing them back.