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Reading Room

The Reading Room was created for a specific purpose: learning about the spiritual journey through the guidance and experience of the stories of others. While the Chapel does have quite an extensive library in Bodman Lounge, most of these books are academic in nature. Instead, the Reading Room houses a collection of contemporary writing.

You won't find a book about the history of the Prophets or any kind of encyclopedia, but you will find Mother Theresa's biography or the sayings of Thich Nhat Hanh. These books are personal stories of loss, mistakes, dreams, and hopes; these are stories intended to show us how to be human through a spiritual lens. These stories are intended to speak to life through journeys of discovery and how others have handled challenging situations of their own.

The books are meant to speak to the intimacy of the space. The stories are personal, and the space is meant to be close and comforting as well. The books are easy to enter into, drawing the reader in; we hope the Reading Room itself will draw you in, as well. While the space can be reserved for small group meetings, please respect the idea of the space and any others who may be using it.

The collection in the Reading Room is not stagnant; the Office continues to collect books from the most unlikely places: from Raven, the used bookstore downtown, to the Dean's town dump! Come in to find a new favorite or to rediscover an old friend.