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Reverend Munz

St. John's Church Mission Statement:

As members of the family of St. John's and followers of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we strive individually and collectively to grow and to act as a Christian faith community. Being God's stewards, we seek:

To remain open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the world changes; to celebrate the diversity of all God's people; to communicate within and without our immediate church family; to be mindful of our role as caretakers of ourselves, our community, and all God's creation; to provide a nurturing and caring environment for all; to take action to carry out God's challenges; and to welcome all persons to join in celebrating the joy and excitement in this carrying out of God's love.

St. John's is very a special congregation to belong to. It is a warm and welcoming community to everyone. There are many activities and outreach programs that one can be involved in. The Sunday School program is exceptional and it is a place you can really call home.