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(217) 495-2261

Check out the regional organization's website here and the national organization's website here

"Elizabeth Booher is an inspirational, encouraging, supportive, and caring woman who is passionate about loving and serving Smith and its students through the Smith Christian Fellowship organization." -Becky Lai, '16

"What I love about having Elizabeth working with the Smith Christian Fellowship is that she's a recently graduated Smithie, so she knows how to help mentor students because she understands how we think as Smithies (she just has a less busy schedule as an alumna)! She works with the executive board on keeping SCF well-organized. She also helps to provide opportunities for us to learn more as Christians and grow as people both in faith and in general.

She's open and accessible for me when I need to talk, pray, or ask for advice. It's a blessing to have her still around on campus, even as an alumna."

-Rebecca Gerdes, '15

Elizabeth Booher

Can you offer a definition behind 'Intervarsity'?

Non-denominational Christian

What is your role within this organization?

I am a Campus Staff Member with InterVaristy Chrisitan Fellowship. I am here to resource, mentor, and help students discover who Jesus is to them.

How long have you been involved with the Smith College Community?

I am an alum of Smith, Class of 2012 so I've been involved in the Smith community for 5 years now.

What role do you think spirituality plays on campus?

Spirituality plays a role in the lives of Smithies who want it to. There are a number of spiritual Smithies on campus and many who are seeking to figure out spirituality.

What have you learned from your time at Smith College?

Smith taught me to be self-motivated and challenged me to become a stronger believer. Smith allowed me to understand the width of Christ's love because of its diverse community and open-minded student body.

intervasity event "Everyone is welcome to the Smith Christian Fellowship! No faith background or experience is needed! We would love to get to know you and support you throughout your time at Smith!"