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White Responses to Racism:
A Discussion about Allyship with Ellen Sulser

by Lizzie Stephani '18

A handful of students gathered in Bodman lounge, located in the basement of Helen Hills Hills Chapel, on Thursday, September 22 to discuss white work in anti-racism. The talk touched on a variety of topics within the framework of white allyship and interwove Buddhist practices.

Dr. Catherine Anraku Hondorp Sensei, who led the discussion, is a Buddhist Community Religious Adviser at Smith College. Hondorp grew up as a white, queer dancer and choreographer in a poor, black inner city. She is the co-founder of Two Streams Zen, a multicultural Dharma Movement dedicated to transforming people and communities through fearless intimacy and living compassion. [...]

Our Lady of Kibeho at Smith College

by Nora Turriago '16

Stories of Africans are not often featured onstage before American audiences. In fact, it is rare that a play not only features people of color in majority of the roles, but also focuses on a geographical region that is too often sidelined and stereotyped. Yet this weekend, the Smith College Department of Theatre put on Our Lady of Kibeho, written by Katori Hall and directed by Nicole A. Watson, which does exactly that. [...]

Festival of Sound and Space: Friday Night Excitement

by Kristin Rivers '16

A small crowd gathered inside the Chapel sanctuary Friday night for the Festival of Sound and Space. Throughout the week, various musicians performed, and Friday night was no exception as local harpist, composer and improviser Sophie Leetmaa opened the show. [...]

Meditative Writing Workshop: Nostalgia for the Soul

by Kristin Rivers '16

A number of students gathered in Wright 013 on Monday to participate in #Unplugged #Quiet #Meditate #Write #JoinUs: A Writing Workshop for Students. The event was hosted by Hannah Eko, a graduate student at University of Pittsburgh, and Nancy Garcia, a graduate of Texas A & M University and Teaching Assistant of fiction at University of Pittsburgh. [...]

Pet-A-Pet Day Spring 2016: Fun Time before Crunch Time

by Kristin Rivers '16

Many students met on the Helen Hills Hills Chapel Lawn last Wednesday for the purpose of petting fuzzy heads, also known as Pet-A-Pet Day!! The event is held usually around midterms in the fall, and near finals in the spring. The gathering consisted of dogs, big and small, and a therapy Alpaca!! [...]

Gender Equality and the Refugee Crisis

by Nora Turriago '16

More than one million refugees and migrants have entered Europe, fleeing brutal violence at home and searching for safety. Sixty percent of these refugees are women, who face heighted risk for exploitation and gender-based violence. This week, Executive Director of Women's Refugee Commission Sarah Costa discussed gender equality in humanitarian action, providing insight into the difficulties women and young girls face en route to safer lands, and challenges within the humanitarian field for fully supporting them. [...]

God Is in Therapy

by Nora Turriago '16

If God went to a therapist, what would the conversation sound like? Why would God be there in the first place? And what might we find out about the complexities of faith? This week, such questions were discussed in a reading circle led by Professor Ellen Kaplan. Together they read scenes from Israeli playwright Anat Gov's comedy, "O My God!" [...]

Buddhist Lecture at Smith College

by Nora Turriago '16

This week, Akincano Weber presented the final lecture of this year's Buddhist collaboration series, sponsored by Smith Buddhist Studies Concentration and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies. His lecture, "Progressive Arisings: a Spiral Way to Freedom," discussed the early Buddhist teachings of the principle of Dependent Arising. [...]

Our Three Brothers: Raising a Voice When There is Silence

by Kristin Rivers '16

Students, faculty and others gathered on Chapin Lawn to commemorate and raise awareness of three young black men slain execution style in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Their names were Adam Mekki, Mohamedtaha Omar and Muhannad Tairab; two of them were Muslim, one was Christian. In collaboration with Al-Iman, Senior Interfaith Fellow Matilda Cantwell led the vigil. [...]

Gloria Steinem Visits Smith College

by Nora Turriago '16

Smith College alumna and feminist icon Gloria Steinem returned to campus on March 28 as part of Kathleen McCartney's Presidential Colloquium series in John M. Green Hall. With the theme of the lecture series as "Thinking in a Public and Networked World," Steinem urged young women and people of color to continue fighting for equal rights, as well as clarifying her controversial comments about young women who support Bernie Sanders. [...]

Religion and Diplomacy: The View from the State Department

by Nora Turriago '16

Shaun Casey, U.S. Special Representative for Religion and Global, visited Smith College to speak about the work of his relatively new office and the impact of the world's religions on global diplomacy.

A graduate of Harvard Divinity School and Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, Casey has written on the ethics of the war in Iraq, as well as the role of religion in American presidential politics. In 2015, Casey was asked by Secretary of State John Kerry to build an office that could advise him on the religious aspects of his work as Secretary.


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