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Midnight Cry

A Report by Eleanor Cook ('13)

Helen Hills Hills Chapel, Bodman Lounge
Februry 22nd 2013

There once was a group of Smith students, fifteen years ago, the legend goes, who felt the need within themselves to pray for Smith and the Smith community. Their time of prayer astonishingly lasted throughout the night. What started as a heartfelt cry amongst friends became a moving and influential event for the Smith Christian Fellowship for years to come. Now, continuing the legacy of prayer for the Smith community, the Smith Christian Fellowship hosts the annual “Midnight Cry,” which, this year, took place on February 22 at the Helen Hills Hills Chapel.

While the legacy of prayer for the community remains the same, the Midnight Cry of recent years ushers in some important changes. First, the celebration no longer lasts all night long, but a manageable 7pm to midnight. Second, blessings from the group now extend beyond the limits of the college and out into the community at large. The Smith Christian Fellowship now invites all five colleges and Northampton area to participate.

The Smith Christian Fellowship invited the First Baptist Church College of Amherst’s praise team to lead the group in song. First year Taleen Dilanyan loved being part of the team to organize the spread of snacks. These additions to the evening foster a sense of community and remind people, in the words of Rebecca Gerdes ’15, that the purpose is “bigger than the individual.”

The colossal task of planning for the event began in October, but even so, the Smith Christian Fellowship has plans to make the tradition even bigger and more festive in the years to come.