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Interfaith Sundae Celebrates Jeopardy-Style

A Report by Sofia Walker '11

Aine Sweetnam '13, decked out like a TV star, reads the questions in this Interfaith Jeopardy game.

Smith's Interfaith Program brought the year to a close in style. Aine Sweetnam '13, covered in silver sparkles from head to toe, directed the game of religious Jeopardy that she and a student committee invented for the occasion. Guests prepared elaborate sundaes with vanilla, chocolate, and peppermint stick ice creams, raspberry sorbet, and a fantastic array of nuts, sauces, fruit and candy toppings scattered on the tables filling the Campus Center's Carroll Room. Hayat Abuza, Smith's Interfaith Program Coordinator, circled the room, offering face sparkles to anyone interested.

The Jeopardy categories were: Food Traditions, Objects of Faith, Ceremonies, Founders and Prophets, and Holidays and Observances. Anyone getting a right answer received a candy prize. I asked one sundae-eater whether she thought she would do well in the game, and she shook her head emphatically no. "I might be able to answer a few questions about Islam, Judaism and Christianity, but I definitely don't know anything about Baha'i or paganism. It's cool that we're talking about more than just the well-known religions, though."

When asked why they came, many students were honest about their very simple motivation: "Because there was free ice cream." Some, however, were more appreciative of the spiritual side of things. "Everyone's stressed around this time of year," said one student, "so it's nice to come together over the most basic human needs. Nothing brings people together like food." Especially when that food is ice cream!