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Interfaith Welcome Party Kicks Off the Year Smoothly

A Report by Sofia Walker '11

Hayat shares a milkshake at the Interfaith Party.

Thursday, October 7, Bodman Lounge. The evening began with face painting and ended with a meteor shower. In between, students enjoyed hot cider, smoothies, popcorn, a raffle, and the question game. No, the event wasn't a county fair. It was the Interfaith Welcome Party, entitled "Schmooze and Smoothies." The event was hosted by Smith's Interfaith Program Coordinator, Hayat Abuza, and the Interfaith Assistant, Aine (pronounced "Anya") Sweetnam '13.

Hayat wore earrings to suit the occasion: a blender in her right ear, and a carton of orange juice in her left. The smoothies were set up as a buffet. First, fill a bowl with fruit, juice, and ice cream or yogurt, then bring it over to the blender table. Top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce if you wish. The raffle prizes, bought by Aine, included a rubber duck sporting a crown, a mini Zen garden, gummy bears, earrings, and a to go mug.

Geri Hubbe '13, won the earrings, and made herself a smoothie with pineapple juice, berries, lemon sherbet, whipped cream, and chocolate. She said that Interfaith has become important to her since the conversion of one of her best friends to Judaism. She herself comes from a Quaker background, but has since turned to a more exploratory spirituality, centered around the values associated with Earth religions.

But Geri is not the only one to come to Interfaith through friendship -- according to Aine, that's what's special about the Smith Interfaith community. "First we're friends, then we come together spiritually. It's more about friendship than about religion."