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Photos from the 10/19/2013 InAuguration

By Mariel Bell

On October 19, 2013, I attended the inauguration of the 11th president of Smith College: Kathleen McCartney. I feel honored to have witnessed this historic event. There were many moments I enjoyed such as listening to Kathleen McCartney's speech as she related the story of a little girl learning to ride her bike to psychology to beginning her presidency. Another moment, I enjoyed was the president of Mt. Holyoke College welcoming President McCartney to the five college community but also stating "But let's be real for a moment. We are competitors. You have your Sylvia Plath, but we have our Emily Dickinson."

The following series of artistic photography was taken by Bell, featuring the inauguration ceremony of Smith College's 11th President, Kathleen McCartney.

The Smith College faculty gather on stage for President McCartney's inauguration.

The Smith College orchestra plays in honor of President McCartney.

The Smith College conductor is conducting the orchestra's rendition of "All You Need is Love" by The Beatles.

The man with the yellow vest is announcing the beginning of President McCartney's inauguration. President McCartney is pictured on the television screen.