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Festival of Sound and Space: Bora Yoon

A Report by Allison Ristaino '14

On Thursday, September 22nd, the Chapel sanctuary was engulfed with the inspiring aura of sound created by Bora Yoon.

Bora Yoon is a nationally acclaimed composer who uses a multitude of resources to produce sound. She began her performance simply with the sound of her voice and a piano. As the night went on, she found more and more resources of sound to create a fascinating soundscape. From the piano, she moved to the beat of a metronome, then Tibetan singing bowls and a crank radio, creating an almost eerie effect. Her hauntingly beautiful voice echoed through the Chapel, taking every last opening of available space. Her performance encompassed the use of a guitar, skipping record player, cell phones, a music box, and much more. Her sound seemed to link sounds of different cultures and brought together ancient instruments with modern technology.

Bora Yoon was very graceful in her movements and was highly enjoyed by all who came to hear her masterpiece. As I sat listening, I saw others with eyes closed, eyes open, lying, sitting, standing, looking up, and looking down. Ms. Yoon's sound was a pleasure no matter how one chose to enjoy it, and I feel fortunate to have gotten to hear it.