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Spring 2016

04/28/2016: Our Lady of Kibeho at Smith College
04/28/2016: Festival of Sound and Space: Friday Night Excitement
04/28/2016: Meditative Writing Workshop: Nostalgia for the Soul
04/27/2016: Pet-A-Pet Day Spring 2016: Fun Time before Crunch Time
04/21/2016: Gender Equality and the Refugee Crisis
04/21/2016: God Is in Therapy
04/21/2016: Buddhist Lecture at Smith College
04/14/2016: Our Three Brothers: Raising a Voice When There is Silence
04/14/2016: Gloria Steinem Visits Smith College
04/14/2016: Religion and Diplomacy: The View from the State Department
04/14/2016: The Importance of Sleep for College Students: A Lecture
04/08/2016: Vigil for Unrecognized Lives Lost to Violence
04/08/2016: Movement for Justice in El Barrio: Standing against Gentrification
04/01/2016: Literary Lunch: How to Be a Writer in the World
04/01/2016: Loving Our Planet: Bringing Together the Environment and Spirit
03/30/2016: Making a Difference: ServeUP Spring Break
03/23/2016: Women's Stories in the Zapatista Movement
03/23/2016: Love and Gender in the Hebrew Bible
03/10/2016: Day of Mourning: Remembering Lives of People with Disabilities
03/10/2016: Embodied Mindfulness: Healing Trauma
03/03/2016: Brick in a Soft Hat Art Exhibit Comes to Smith
03/03/2016: Martha Fineman on Vulnerability and Social Justice
02/18/2016: Civil Rights Activist Cornel West Comes to Smith College
02/17/2016: Podcast on Islamophobia
02/05/2016: Political Correctness: Understanding and Navigating Conversation
02/03/2016: Interfaith Works: A Chance to Help the Community at Large

Summer 2013

Fall 2010

12/06/2010: Hanukkah Party
12/05/2010: Christmas Vespers 2010
11/14/2010: Kathy Kelly Lecture
11/13/2010: Freethinkers
11/06/2010: Eid Dinner
11/03/2010: Rosary
11/01/2010: Buddhist Meditation
10/28/2010: Handbell Choir
10/24/2010: Parents Weekend Multi-Faith Service
10/18/2010: Salman Ahmad
10/07/2010: Interfaith Party
09/29/2010: Les Petits Chanteurs
09/27/2010: Soup, Salad, & Soul
09/23/2010: Sukkot