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The Minor


Lois Dubin, Jamie Hubbard, Joel Kaminsky, Suleiman Ali Mourad, Andy Rotman, Vera Shevzov, Carol Zaleski


Five semester courses are required. Courses counting toward the minor may not be taken S/U. No course may be counted twice toward the fulfillment of the requirements.

Breadth (Courses 1-3)

A student will normally take three 200-level courses, choosing one each from three of the following seven categories: (i) Philosophical, Theoretical, or Comparative; (ii) Biblical Literature; (iii) Jewish Traditions; (iv) Christian Traditions, (v) Islamic Traditions; (vi) Buddhist Traditions; (vii) South Asian Traditions. In fulfilling this requirement, a student may count no more than two courses in Biblical Literature, Jewish Traditions, and Christian Traditions.

Electives (Courses 4-5)

A student will take two additional courses of her choice in the Religion Department.