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The Purchasing Office is responsible for the College Corporate Card program, negotiating and managing college-wide contracts and procuring products and services for Smith College.

News & Updates

Fiscal Year 2016 Memo

Please use the above link to review the calendar for purchasing, accounts payable and accounting due dates and deadlines In addition, please review your accounts early and submit any corrections by referring to your May 2016 ePrint reports. June 2016 ePrints will not be available until after all year-end deadlines. Use of FGIBDST in Banner INB is encouraged. Please contact the Controller’s Office with questions.


JP Morgan Chase Chip Card to replace existing College Corporate Card

We are pleased to announce that Smith College is working with JPMC to introduce chip cards. The cards are estimated to ship from April 7, 2016 through May 3, 2016.

When you receive your new chip card, it will contain a small, embedded microchip which will help improve security and acceptance of your college card in the U.S. and around the world. The new chip card will allow you to make purchases at merchants with chip-enabled terminals, as well as merchants with traditional terminals. Depending on how the merchant is set up, you will be prompted to either sign a receipt or to enter a four-digit PIN to complete your transaction.

Please see the links below to the Chip Card Orientation Guide and the Chip Card FAQ

Chip Card Orientation Guide

Chip Card FAQ

Toner Phoner Scam

This notice is regarding what is known as the "phoner toner" scam that preys on employees. Posing as a Smith College primary supplier, the scammer contacts an employee and asks for the model number of the copier or printer in their office. Please remember, never to disclose information to a vendor calling on the telephone. Knowing the type of printer or copier can enable a scammer to send toner to that office and then charge the office for toner. If you need toner contact CBS-Xerox, the college's primary supplier, at 1-800-842-0009. Please alert all employees and students in your department.

Smith College Amazon Account Tax Exempt Information

Amazon charges sales tax in Massachusetts. College cardholders who order from Amazon on behalf of Smith College, must set up their Smith College Amazon account with tax exempt status. Please click on this link for instructions.

Furniture Reuse:

Furniture items are no longer being stored at Fort Hill. Other spaces are being considered and the campus will be notified when an alternate storage space is determined.

For furniture that is in disrepair or bad shape, please submit a work order to Facilities Management for the removal and disposal of the furniture.

For Furniture that is in excellent condition and can be reused, please contact Linda Hiesiger in Purchasing, LHiesige@smith.edu, and Linda will try to match up the furniture with a needy department.

Important message regarding copiers

For departments with a color copier/MFD, please make sure your print default is set to black and white. If your print default is set to color, your department will get charged for color even when printing black and white documents. When you change your print default to black and white, you can manually choose the color print setting when needed.