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Psychology Resources

Smith & Five College Resources

PSYCHINFO Online Research Service

This is a direct link to the library's PsychInfo site. You need to be logged on to a Smith College system computer to access this invaluable online resource.

Smith Library Online Psychology Resources

An important link to a number of online resources, websites and journals available through Smith's central library system.

Five College Library Research

An important link to many online research resources, articles and tools available throughout the Five College system.

How To Use Moodle

An extremely helpful guide to navigating the way that Moodle works, especially if you have any detailed questions about using this Web site.

Other Resources

American Psychological Association (APA)

An excellent resource for additional information about both the American Psychological Association and APA style questions.

Brown University Recovered Memory Archives

This site displays details of 101 documented cases of repressed and recovered memories.

Elizabeth Loftus, "The Reality of Repressed Memories"

This site contains the full text of the following article written by Elizabeth Loftus: "The Reality of Repressed Memories." American Psychologist, 48, 518–537.

Free Adobe Reader Software

To obtain a free copy of this essential online research software, navigate to the site and click on the download link provided. You may need to provide some minimal information, and also choose whether you need the PC or Mac version.

Psychology Resources Page

This site, Psychology-Degree-411, has a wide range of information for any students who are interested in learning more about what a degree in Psychology can do for your future. There are job postings, license requirement information for all 50 states, interesting interviews, and more!