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"The facts are always friendly, every bit of evidence one can acquire, in any area, leads one that much closer to what is true."

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Smith College Psychology Department Among the Top 50 in the Nation.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder & Related Disorders Lecture Series

    McConnell 103 Auditorium 7:00-8:00 PM

  • May 17. Alan Seigel, LICSW: "OCD & Social Anxiety"
  • June 21. TBA

Psychology Honors Presentations 2016

    Bass Hall 210

  • April 25. 4:40 PM. Karina Gruez: "Stereotype activation in gun identification: Patterns of ducking behavior indistinguishable from shooting behavior in shooter bias paradigm" (Bass Hall 210)
  • April 25. 5:20 PM. Ray Silveria: "Shooter bias and eye gaze." (Bass Hal 210)
  • April 27. 4:00 PM. Cara Tomaso: "Drinking motives and alcohol expectancies as predictors of high-risk drinking behaviors during the college transition." (Bass Hall 210)
  • April 27. 4:40 PM. Yiwen Zhu: "Client emotional response and psychotherapy progress: A case-based approach." (Bass Hall 210)
  • April 27. 5:20 PM. Louise Yu: "Escalation of commitment in retrospect: An integration of responsibility, hindsight bias, and counterfactual thinking." (Bass Hall 210)

    Bass Hall 203

  • April 28. 4:00 PM. Maggie P-Dorin: "Hoarding behavior and sleel patterns in a college sample" (Bass Hall 203)
  • April 28. 4:40 PM. Emily Derosier: "Cultural cues and effects on shooter bias" (Bass Hall 203)
  • April 28. 5:20 PM. Martha Miller: "Shooter bias and sunk costs in a policing context: Using an escalation of commitment framework to investigate shooting decisions" (Bass Hall 203)

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