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Selina Husain

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About Selina

Class of 2019

Engineering major

How did you get involved in community service?

I became involved in community service before coming to Smith. I have always enjoyed giving back to the community in any way that I can. It is not only a valuable experience but it's great to see the lasting impact that you can have in a community over a period of time.

What do you find rewarding about working with Treehouse?

I really enjoy the family-oriented environment that is present at Treehouse, a program dedicated to re-envisioning foster care. Treehouse is more than just a tutoring program. We work with the same small group of students consistently and therefore have time to actually get to know them. It's rewarding to know that they look forward to seeing us every week, and I look forward to seeing them as well.

What one moment has stood out to you the most?

We have dinner together every week before we get into tutoring. Those are the moments that are very memorable for me. While eating we have conversations, laugh, and discuss anything the students want to talk about. It's great to see how we bond over food.

What would you like someone else to know about the work you do?

This work is an experience that has allowed me to grow. Being consistent really makes a difference and allows bonds to form that make tutoring flow more easily. I witness this every week at Treehouse. It has opened my eyes to a new meaning of tutoring.