I am Smith

Paige Moore

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About Paige

Class of 2020

Houston, Texas

Neuroscience intended major


Emerson House

Science outreach ambassador

Black Students' Alliance

Minority Associate of Prehealth Students

I’ve wanted to be a doctor since I was about 7 years old, and I’m working toward that. I always wanted more science. I attended a young women’s preparatory high school, I was class valedictorian my senior year; I felt really prepared for college. I thought I’d be going to Texas A&M, where I was accepted.

That was until I visited Smith during Discovery Weekend, a program specifically designed for admitted students of color; I was mesmerized by the beautiful campus and the interesting people and all the science opportunities Smith offered. Plus the financial aid package. I never expected I’d be at Smith, but no other college’s financial aid was as good as what Smith offered me.

“Smith gives me all the opportunities I need to stay focused on applying to med school.”

I arrived at Smith early to attend the Bridge preorientation program for first-year students of color. I loved Bridge; I made a lot of bonds with other persons of color. Actually, the program was a lot more than an orientation program; we talked about what it’s like to be a person of color at Smith, and the conversation went a lot deeper than that. I felt really supported. I am the only daughter of a single mother. My mother gave me some good insights about what it’s like to go to school up north. I love my house community, and that has helped me get used to being at college in New England. So now I know this is the right place for me, and Smith gives me all the opportunities I need to stay focused on applying to med school. There’s going to be a “Dr.” next to my name some day.

Page Moore in a classroom with other students working on computers