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Loida Pan

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Class of 2019

Comparative literature major

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Homework House

How did you get involved in community service?

During high school I volunteered with an after-school program. I wanted to continue working with kids during my time at Smith and a lot of my friends had worked with Homework House, an after-school tutoring program in Holyoke. They all suggested that I try volunteering with the program.

What do you find rewarding about working with Homework House?

The most rewarding part about working with Homework House is the relationships you build in the program. The site supervisors are all exceptional and kind. It has truly been wonderful working with them. The kids are all bright and I always look forward to spending time with them.

What one moment has stood out to you the most?

The best moments at Homework House are the days when one of the children you have been working with has an "aha" moment. Tutoring kids can sometimes be very challenging, but it is worth it when they finally understand a particularly difficult concept.

What would you like someone else to know about the work you do?

I think that working with kids is one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding experiences that there is. It is important to know that working with kids doesn't necessarily mean that you spend all your time teaching. You definitely learn a lot from working with kids.