Common Ground Announcement

Common Ground Announcement

Common Ground Announcement

May 10, 2006

In January 2005, at my request, the Office of Institutional Diversity launched the Common Ground Project for the purpose of developing strategic initiatives in support of diversity across the college. I am very pleased to announce that I have just received an overview report from the campus committee, describing key findings and working recommendations. A fuller report will be released in the fall.

I am very pleased with thoughtfulness and value of what the committee has done; its work will contribute importantly to the strategic planning process in which we are engaged.

I invite and welcome the important conversations that the report will generate. Most of these will take place in the fall, but we have scheduled one for graduating seniors next week, in order to hear their responses and suggestions.

I thank the committee and its chair, Naomi Miller, for this important work.

Read the Common Ground Overview and Working Recommendations

Carol T. Christ