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International students face unique challenges when applying for health profession school in the United States. First, most health profession schools, as competitive as they are for United States citizens and permanent residents to gain admission, are even more competitive for international students. Some do not accept international students at all. Every year Smith has international alumnae who enter U.S. health profession schools, but they are typically the most outstanding applicants. Additionally, finances can be difficult. International students are not eligible for low interest rate federal student loans, and for immigration purposes, many health profession schools require international students to demonstrate upfront that they have sufficient funds to pay for their full course of study. Finally, if you hope to eventually practice in your home country, it's important to research schools carefully and be sure that the degree you wish to earn will be recognized where you intend to practice.

The Board of Prehealth Advisers strongly encourages all international students interested in attending a health profession school in the United States to meet with the director or another member of the Board to discuss individual circumstances.

Additional Resources

The health professions advising offices at Princeton and Duke Universities offer particularly useful information for international students: