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The Application Process

About this Section

Applying to a health profession program can be a daunting process. One of the best ways to allay your fears is to understand how admissions works. This section will provide you with resources to help you determine whether you are ready to apply and, when you are, how to submit your application. An application cycle for many health profession schools lasts more than 18 months, so be sure to meet with your prehealth adviser well in advance of your anticipated application date.

How to Use This Section

  1. Read the recommendations in Are You Ready to Apply?
  2. Determine whether you will need to request a committee letter.
  3. For committee letter applicants, review the timeline. Applicants not requesting a committee letter should discuss their timeline with a prehealth adviser.
  4. Use the links on the right to inform your process.
  5. Stay in touch with the Board of Prehealth Advisers. Applicants requesting a committee letter will have required contact with the Board. Other applicants are encouraged to seek Board advice and make use of the resources available at the Lazarus Center for Career Development.