ROSA ALICE BRANCO and Translator Alexis Levitin


Portuguese poet, essayist and professor of Philosophy ROSA ALICE BRANCO has been translated and published widely throughout Europe and beyond. The poet Kevin Prufer called Cattle of the Lord, her latest in English, “a wild and sneaky book, filled with intelligence, wit, and theological anxiety,” and her translator, Alexis Levitin, notes that “[Branco’s] very syntax invites a multifaceted contemplation of the human condition. . . . We squirm and we learn.”  Prolific and exacting, Levitin translates works from Portugal, Brazil and Ecuador, including Clarice Lispector and Sophia de Mello Breyer Andresen. He is one of a rare breed: a non-poet whose translations are sheer poetry.

 Presented by the Department of Comparative Literature, with support from the Poetry Center, the Department of Spanish & Portuguese, the Lewis Global Studies Center,  

The Five-College Faculty Seminar in Literary Translation, and the Smith College Lecture Committee