30 Poems in November

Every year, the Poetry Center mobilizes people to write poems for 30 POEMS IN NOVEMBER!, an initiative that raises funds for the literacy programs of the Center for New Americans.

CNA has been serving the immigrant, refugee and migrant communities of Western Massachusetts for almost 25 years, providing education and resources to learn English, to become involved community members and to obtain tools necessary to maintain economic independence. The first step is literacy: reading, writing and speaking English, but CNA also offers education and career counseling, referrals to health care and housing, citizenship preparation, and hosts a July 4th Naturalization Ceremony on the courthouse lawn.

                                                                   In 2015, 60 local writers supported CNA’s literary efforts by participating in 30 POEMS!,                                                                          raising over $20,000. They each pledge to write one poem a day for the entire month of                                                                        November, and to recruit friends and family to pledge a dollar amount per poem. Participant                                                                    present one of their poems at the culminating reading.

                                                                                                   Visit www.cnam.org to contribute and volunteer.