H.S. Poetry Prize 2014-2015

An annual prize for sophomore and junior girls in New England


from left to right: Finalist Joscelyn Norris, Judge Natalie Diaz, Finalist Mallory Chabre

Award: $500

Judge for 2015: Natalie Diaz

The winner & three finalists will read their poems at the Judge’s reading at Smith College.

2015 Winner:

Clara Henderson (The Sharon Academy), for “Daddy”


  • Mallory Chabre (Rockville High School), for “Every Bad Thing Happened on a Tuesday”
  • Sarah Norden (Merriconeag Waldorf School), for “To His Landlocked Lover”
  • Joscelyn Norris (Westover School), for “Tides”.

Read the winning poems here!

NATALIE DIAZNatalie Diaz’s experiences growing up on a Mojave Indian reservation inform her exciting poetry debut, When My Brother Was an Aztec. Praised by New York Times reviewer Eric McHenry as an “ambitiousÿ beautiful book,” this collection grapples with poverty, drug addiction, and encounters with the law. Formerly a professional basketball player, Diaz now directs a Mojave language revitalization program. Her work has been published in Prairie Schooner, Iowa Review, and Best New Poets, and she received the Nimrod/Hardman Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry, the Louis Untermeyer Scholarship in Poetry from Bread Loaf, the Narrative Poetry Prize, and a Lannan Literary Fellowship.