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Internships are an integral element of the Poetry Concentration. Students will complete two internships (paid, supported by Praxis, or volunteer) that enable each student to acquire practical, first-hand knowledge and experience. From a wide array of local, regional, national and international internships identified by the concentration, students have responsibility for researching and securing appropriate internships. Each internship needs to be approved by the concentration director.

Some other experiences such as working for faculty members in archival projects through CFCD grants or Quigley fellowships may also qualify as "practical experiences."

Each of the two internships or practical experiences must involve a minimum of 100 documented hours of work, and require a supervisor's evaluation of the student's performance.


Students may also fulfill the requirement with one extended internship of a minimum of 200 hours (Praxis-funded internships require a total of 220 hours). Concentrators who take this route are encouraged (but not required) to take on a second, shorter-term practical experience as well.