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The Poetry Center at Smith College
Poetry Concentration


Ellen Doré Watson
Director of the Poetry Center; Lecturer in English Language and Literature
585-3368 ewatson@smith.edu

Advisory Committee

Rosetta Marantz Cohen
Professor of Education & Child Study
585-3266 rcohen@smith.edu

María Estela Harretche
Professor of Spanish & Portuguese
585-3466 mharretc@smith.edu

Barry Moser
Professor-in-Residence, Art
585-3107 bmoser@smith.edu

Thalia Pandiri
Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures and of Comparative Literature
585-3485 tpandiri@smith.edu

Cornelia Pearsall
Professor of English Language and Literature
585-3346 cpearsal@smith.edu

Renata Pienkawa
Lecturer in Education & Child Study, ESL Specialist
585-3250 rpienkawa@smith.edu

Kevin Quashie
Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies
585-3574 kquashie@smith.edu

Michael Thurston

Professor of English Language and Literature
585-3385 mthursto@smith.edu

Sujane Wu

Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures
585-3707 swu@smith.edu