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About 50 percent of Smith physics majors attend graduate school in a variety of fields. Visit the Alumnae page for a small sample of what some of our recent graduates are doing, why they chose physics and how they use it now.

Consider joining our Physics and Astronomy Club!

Majors in Physics


Darby Bates
Isabelle Bunge
Cinyee Cai
Maya Domeshek
Suroor Gandhi
Brenna Getzin
Shuyao Gu
Rachel O'Connor
Linslet Oh
Carson Patterson
Sophie Shapiro
Yvonne VanLeuven
Ilana Schiler-Weiss
Coco Young


Eleanor Adachi
Kira Chase
Chloe Herrera
Maddy Horn
Chunying Huangdai
Lucy Liang
Nina Merriam
Mollie Pleau
Claudia Yun


Melody Cao
William Gammel
Emily Kaplan

Minors in Physics


Emma Gould
Emma Rocco