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Student Resources

Smith College Resources

Clark Science Center

Five College Program in Physics

Physics Department Information Literacy Program
Describes the library research skills that physics majors should develop at Smith and where in the curriculum these skills are taught.

Smith College Libraries – Physics

Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning (QLC)
Courses in many departments (including physics) require students to analyze and draw conclusions from quantitative data. The Spinelli Center for Quantitative Learning supports students doing quantitative work across the curriculum.

Smith College Physics and Astronomy Club Website

Smith College Physics and Astronomy Club on Smith Social Network

Career Resources

Careers Using Physics (CUP)
People are using physics in their jobs in ways you might not even imagine. Read, listen and watch video clips about some of these people and the many different career paths that are possible with a degree in physics.

Physics Is For You!
A guide to physics in careers and careers in physics. Need we say more?

Physics Success Stories
Fundamental Research in Physics: what is it good for (besides peace, love, and understanding)?

PhysicsToday.org — Jobs
An excellent physics career site where you can look at job openings in physics, find out about job fairs or browse other links related to physics careers.

Graduate School Resources

Acing the Physics GRE: Tips and Strategies (on-demand webinar)
This pre-recorded American Physical Society (APS) webinar describes the content and format of the Physics GRE subject test, provides advice and tips on how best to prepare for the test, and offers test-taking strategies. Instructor: Jeremy Dodd, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Columbia University.

Everything you wanted to know about Physics grad school (but were afraid to ask)!
This pre-recorded APS webinar features a panel of graduate students in an open, informative, and candid discussion about their experimences. Topics include grad school selection and application process, financial support through teaching and research grants, coursework and qualifying exams, and research and thesis writing.

General Resources

The American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)

The American Institute of Physics (AIP)

The American Physical Society (APS)

The Society of Physics Students (SPS)