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Always ready to lend a helping hand!

The physics faculty do experimental, theoretical and computational research in collaboration with students on a wide variety of topics within physics: cosmology, optics, granular matter, high-speed video capture, quantum magnetism, cold atom physics and solar energy. Students can start working with Smith faculty on research projects starting their very first year. Smith physics majors regularly present their research results at conferences and in published articles in leading scientific journals. In the last decade we've supervised over 100 research students. So come on and join us!

Nalini Easwar

Gary Felder
Professor and Chair of Department

Nathanael Fortune

Courtney Lannert
Associate Professor

Travis Norsen

Joyce Palmer-Fortune
Lecturer & Laboratory Instructor

Dana Parsons
Laboratory Supervisor & Instructor

Doreen Weinberger

Will Williams
Assistant Professor


Piotr Decowski

Bruce Hawkins
Professor Emeritus

Jurek Pfabe
Laboratory Supervisor

Malgorzata Pfabe
Professor Emeritus

Faculty and Emeriti (2012)